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Mundane Series

    My current body of work explores finding inspiration and beauty in the mundane. While in lockdown, home with my three young children, life was very contained, confined to our home and neighborhood. Everyday blended into the next. I began slowing down, and instead of resenting our time at home, I was noticing things previously overlooked. Walks outside brought all kinds of interesting leaves and plants, there were dandelions my boys would bring me, shadows in the back yard, and forgotten toys. Daily tasks like making lunch became almost a game to find inspiration in my everyday moments. 

    Looking for beauty in the mundane helped me find gratitude amidst a very unsettling and chaotic time. Bringing these elements into my studio practice felt like a natural progression. Plants are pressed in to mug surfaces, texture was created from old monster truck tires, watercolor paintings of orange peels and portraits of leaves, all began to alleviate the worry I felt. I was actively recording what I found interesting within my life at home while feeling thankful that we were together, healthy and safe. 

    I hope to bring beauty and reflection to the things we often take for granted.

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